“My first time ever swinging a golf club was at my first lesson with Lucy Davies.  Her patience for handling a true beginner was incredible. She taught me everything…correct grip, proper stance, how to swing, chip, putt and the rules of play. Her creative and fun teaching techniques have given me the skills and confidence to golf with my husband, who has been playing for over 35 years.  She’s a fantastic teacher! “OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


“I have been tackling golf since I was a kid but never quite got fully into it even as a country club member. Over the years I realized what an amazing social tool golf is and how much the corporate world values golf. So I recently decided that it was time for me to get serious about the game and try to reach my full potential. As an athletic, self-critical-woman as well as a demanding person, I had to find the right person for the task. I needed someone good, who would inspire me, who would be fun, knowledgeable, worldly, personable, understand the importance of the game in the corporate world and beyond, who would care and could push me. Ah yes, and I forgot to mention someone who had no EGO. Lucy Davies meets all my requirements. As Lucy pursues her own professional career on the tour, she brings what she learns as a pro into her lessons. Her intuitive and positive thinking approach of the game, her patience, creativity in tricks and video sessions to correct my technique make me look forward to my next lesson and allows me to see great improvement in my game. For the first time ever I feel that I can actually play the game, improve, and have fun with it.

I highly recommend her she will make you enjoy and feel comfortable with the game no matter what your gender or level of game is. She is awesome!!!!!”


“I have been golfing for about 30 years, and never improved past the beginner level. I took some lessons but I would always go back to my old ways or discover new ways to make a bad swing.  My driving was always weak and unreliable.  I went to Lucy for assisted practice and then a half hour lesson.  Both sessions were videotaped.  The videotaping helped a lot in allowing me to see what I was doing wrong.  Lucy pointed out some things for me to work on and gave me a few drills.  I was hitting the ball a lot better by the end of each session.  I made written notes of what she said. With additional practice and reviewing my notes of what she said, my game is now a lot better, especially my driving, which is now reliable and my favorite part of my game.”