2012 Allianz Ladies Slovak Open

By Lucy Davies • June 14th, 2012

Tee Shot Second Round: photo Courtesy of Tristan Jones

The 2012 Allianz Ladies Slovak Open at the Golf Resort Tale, in Brezno was one of the prettiest places I’ve been to.  Having never been to Slovakia before I especially enjoyed the food and the hospitality at the tournament.  The golf course was part of a ski resort in the small city.

The golf course had a lot of character, presented some challenging tee shots and undulating greens.  You definitely needed to be on the correct side of the pin or else you’d find yourself with a very difficult two putt.

I’d have to say the tournament was run very well, I especially enjoyed the entertainment during the Welcome and Players Parties.  We were provided with meals all day and car services to and from the golf club.

Great Friends: Monique Smit, Lene Krog and Me @ the Welcome Party

My caddy for the week Veronkia Vybihalova was great.  She is from Czech Republic and came all of the to Brezno to caddy in our tournament as part of a  tradition every year.  I think it’s great to have people interested in coming back to support the LET.  I hope she will be on the bag next year because I really enjoyed her company.  🙂


Lene and Me

As for the my golf game. I didn’t play as well as I’ve done in the past.  I have been working really hard but somehow still find a way to get a big score.  The first day I deserved what I shot.  I really didn’t hit a decent golf shot, and once you start mis-hitting anything you lose a bit of confidence and start to guide the ball around.  Geez….. guiding the ball… such a horrible feeling.

After the first day blow out.. I came out the second round determined to improve my score by improving my mind set.  After incouraging words from my dad I played a lot more relaxed and focused the second day.  It was all going along quite nicely until I reached my 18th hole (9th  due to 10th tee start), where I proceeded to play hockey down the 588 yard par 5 and had to hole a 7 footer for a 9.  At least my putting is a ton better thanks to my putting Coach in Murcia Glenn Billington.  I looked over to the people watching and saw my good friend Lene laughing along with me as she witnessed all the chaos coming down the hole.  All I could do is laugh and wonder why this game won’t give me a break every once in a while.

Ah well, it’s just a game after all… I did enjoy myself though.. the tour and this tournament were well organized and treated us very well.

I’m taking a couple of weeks off …. going back to Los Angeles to have time to regroup, be at home and work on my game and fitness.

I’ have definitely gotten better since I’ve been over here… I know that there are great things to come , so I will go home get my head down and work to prepare for the second part of these season.

Approach on Hole 4: photo Courtesy of Tristan Jones

The next event is up in the air… it looks like I’ll be getting over to South Africa for the South African Ladies Open.  Where my friend Monique will be the host in her country.  Should be a lot of fun.

Thank you everyone for your messages!

(from Left,)Lene Krog, Mary Mattson, Monique Smit, Gemma Webster and Me all at the Players Party


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