Building Character at the Men’s BGC British Masters

By Lucy Davies • May 8th, 2012

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Lingfield Pro Am Group,

It was most nervous I’d ever been standing on the first tee at the BGC British Masters.  I was first to play the 200-yard par 3.  When I heard, “Lucy Davies representing Los Angeles, California, “there wasn’t enough oxygen in the universe to help me settle my stomach and the shake in my hands.  I was the first woman to play in a Men’s Euro Pro event, I was invited by owner/chairman Barry Hearn.   The week brought about very new experiences in terms of dealing with more attention than I was used to, including an interview on Sky Sports Television.

The BGC British Masters was hosted at Lingfield Park and Country Club in England.  If anyone has seen the weather reports about England they’d know that it hasn’t stopped raining for a month.  The golf course was very wet, which didn’t help my cause because it played longer than usual.  I did play the same tees as the men and I found it difficult to reach the par 4s in two. I had to max out my golf swing every shot to reach certain areas.  The difference between the men and women is that if a man miss hits a shot it’s more directional than distance.  If I miss hit, I lose distance.

The funniest moment……well at least I could laugh at it now was went I skulled my approached shot through the green at the 8th .  My ball came to rest next to a tree.  I walked over and found my ball with a red line in front of it.  I thought it was in the hazard and proceeded to take relief, however the hazard line closed up in front of me instead of behind me, therefore my ball was not the hazard,……I had already picked my ball up and took it out of play.  After a couple of penalty shots and an unplayable lie, I took an 8.    I looked at my friend, Andrew who was caddying for me and he said with a big smile “ don’t worry Luce, it’s character building.”  I wasn’t sure how much more character building exercises I could take in one day.

After a couple of days to reflect I feel that I learned a lot from this tournament and I’ve once again raised the bar.  I was very disappointed with my score but I had my two good friends, Lene and Tara give me a really solid pep talk and brought everything back in to perspective.

I had a really nice time playing in this event.  The tour players that I met tour were very nice to me and I got to play with two really great players Daniel Brooks and Nick James.   I do have to give a shout out to my friend Andrew Leigh who had many early mornings to come and caddy for me.  Thank you!!!

Now I’m back in Murcia, Spain to work with my coaches and I will be playing next week in Madrid, Spain as a part of the Banesto Ladies Tour.








Nice piece miss Davies!


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